so much has happened since my last post in sept....

Gosh! Really really long time no post..... so much as happened since my last post in Sept, and here is a quick summary of all that happened:

I finally quitted my full time job with adidas Group (I have worked with adidas for 5 years and I have loved every moment with the brand!). It was a real tough decision, but I decided it is the right time to put my passion to the ultimate test - to turn it into a lifelong career.

I have shot 10+ projects in the past 2 months - mostly weddings, several engagement session, and a family party.

I have met several wonderful people who are now my great working partners including photographers and videographers.

I have had my first print advertisment with a local magazine called "HK Magazine" (it is printed in the current 11 Nov 2011 issue, go grap a copy this week!), hopefully it will help to bring me ever so much closer to my clients in Hong Kong.

I have edited ... (mumbling and counting) ... around 300 photos.

I have added tonnes of useful information to my website - Testimonial, Photobook, Working Partners, but the best part is the new FAQ page, which answers pretty much all the questions that I have came across from my clients in the past 2 years, with the objective to make my work more transparent to my clients.

I have put together and used for the first time my 1000 words Client Contract.

I have submitted my recent best works to 3 contests: AGWPJA, WPPI, and PWPC, no results available yet, figures-crossed for some hard-fought recognitions towards the end of 2011.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife and my families and friends for their support of my new career, which has been much tougher than I had expected - the physically-demanding-nature of the jobs, the pressure of being creative with my shots, the instability of my financials, and last but not least the 24/7 workload. With that said, I am enjoying every single second of it, I am blessed of having this opportunity to do something that I love, and the fulfillment of seeing the smiles on my clients' faces when they see their photos is just incomparable to all those paychecks that I have received in the past.

To finish this posting, I would like to share with you some highlights of my work in the past 2 months, before my next post, may I wish everyone peace, love, and "all-is-well" :

My first Print Ad in Hong Kong @ HK Magazine 11 Nov 2012 Issue