Awards and Recognitions

Top 30 Asia Wedding Photographer

I am really honoured to be recognized by Signature Wedding Magazine as one of the Top 30 Asia Wedding Photographers.

Honestly if you ask me, I am nowhere near the top 30 in Asia, not even the top 100, cuz there are just so many great photographers out there with much greater experience and stunning photos. Still, I am really honored and humbled to be recognized by Signature Weddings and have this opportunity to have my name mentioned amongst other greats like CM Leung, The Galleria, Axioo etc..... I don't know what to say..... except thank you for all your faith in me, I will continue to give all my heart in what I love....

Below are extracts of the Magazine and the article:

Thank you again to Signature Wedding and all those who has faith in my work! Please visit also the original posting from Signature Wedding here: