props for engagement shoots

I always encourage my clients to prepare some simple props for their engagement shoots, not only does it help to steer their attention away from my camera, the props are also a fun element within the frames.

Props ideas range from something simple like books, flowers in a basket, a small bouquet, to something a little larger like a bike, a picnic set, or even your puppy! You can even have something customized for you by Simply Peachy, who handcrafts these chic and adorable props that melts your heart instantly, attached below the brochure for your easy reference...

Looking forward to having you in my next engagement shoot!

my first shoot in thailand - chiang mai

It was a beautiful day in November and I was blessed with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot a traditional Thai wedding in Chiang Mai! Thank you to Sompor+John for their faith in my work and for bringing me to the beautiful land of Chiang Mai! Here are some sneakpeeks that I would like to share with you....

Hope you like the photos as much as I do! You can also browse my facebook page for more photos from this wedding.

a casual family afternoon in central hong kong

Haven't done any leisure photo taking for years....... it was the first day in weeks that we can actually see the sun, and the three of us (me, my wife, and Tigger) were heading to Central for a client meeting anyways so I thought "why not!". Also I think this was the first time I tried the true snapshooting technique with all auto settings (Program mode with ISO 1000) and avoided the viewfinder for most of my 200 frames of the day...... FUNpriority!

Top 30 Asia Wedding Photographer

I am really honoured to be recognized by Signature Wedding Magazine as one of the Top 30 Asia Wedding Photographers.

Honestly if you ask me, I am nowhere near the top 30 in Asia, not even the top 100, cuz there are just so many great photographers out there with much greater experience and stunning photos. Still, I am really honored and humbled to be recognized by Signature Weddings and have this opportunity to have my name mentioned amongst other greats like CM Leung, The Galleria, Axioo etc..... I don't know what to say..... except thank you for all your faith in me, I will continue to give all my heart in what I love....

Below are extracts of the Magazine and the article:

Thank you again to Signature Wedding and all those who has faith in my work! Please visit also the original posting from Signature Wedding here:

this is me at work

This photo is taken by one of the bridesmaids at Candy+Jo's wedding back in Sept. I can't "see" myself at work behind the lens, so Thank you so much Hsiaonini for this photo! I do "look" very cool :) I also love my new title too - 攝影大哥!


Candy+Jo | Wedding Day

It was one of the most difficult shoots in 2011 as I had to handle all snapshots, standards, and group photos all by myself for the full day. Thankful for the very kind couple's and families' wonderful hospitality, I felt like a guest myself and really enjoyed the joy and love throughout the day. Also a big thank you to my partner Ivy for helping with the off-camrea flash in the evening, it worked marvelously!


so much has happened since my last post in sept....

Gosh! Really really long time no post..... so much as happened since my last post in Sept, and here is a quick summary of all that happened:

I finally quitted my full time job with adidas Group (I have worked with adidas for 5 years and I have loved every moment with the brand!). It was a real tough decision, but I decided it is the right time to put my passion to the ultimate test - to turn it into a lifelong career.

I have shot 10+ projects in the past 2 months - mostly weddings, several engagement session, and a family party.

I have met several wonderful people who are now my great working partners including photographers and videographers.

I have had my first print advertisment with a local magazine called "HK Magazine" (it is printed in the current 11 Nov 2011 issue, go grap a copy this week!), hopefully it will help to bring me ever so much closer to my clients in Hong Kong.

I have edited ... (mumbling and counting) ... around 300 photos.

I have added tonnes of useful information to my website - Testimonial, Photobook, Working Partners, but the best part is the new FAQ page, which answers pretty much all the questions that I have came across from my clients in the past 2 years, with the objective to make my work more transparent to my clients.

I have put together and used for the first time my 1000 words Client Contract.

I have submitted my recent best works to 3 contests: AGWPJA, WPPI, and PWPC, no results available yet, figures-crossed for some hard-fought recognitions towards the end of 2011.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife and my families and friends for their support of my new career, which has been much tougher than I had expected - the physically-demanding-nature of the jobs, the pressure of being creative with my shots, the instability of my financials, and last but not least the 24/7 workload. With that said, I am enjoying every single second of it, I am blessed of having this opportunity to do something that I love, and the fulfillment of seeing the smiles on my clients' faces when they see their photos is just incomparable to all those paychecks that I have received in the past.

To finish this posting, I would like to share with you some highlights of my work in the past 2 months, before my next post, may I wish everyone peace, love, and "all-is-well" :

My first Print Ad in Hong Kong @ HK Magazine 11 Nov 2012 Issue

the launch of my maternity series

This was my first attempt with maternity photography, and I must say I was really really nervous before the session. At the end everything turned out great, the session was fun (thx to the playful couple Cherry and Jarek), the softbox flash worked smoothly, and the indoor flare effect worked beautifully as planned. I hope you will love the photos as much as I do. Can't wait to photograph my 2nd maternity session!