What services do you provide?

Photojournalism is my strength, and I provide photojournalist service for events and activities of all sorts, including wedding day, engagement, maternity, family outing, and travel.... basically anytime and anywhere that you wish to have your love and joy recorded in artistic still images, I am here to help.

What are your rates?

My a la carte service starts at HK$7,200, engagement package starts at HK$17,000, and wedding day package starts at HK$25,000, please contact me for more information.

Why don't you provide videography service?

I am proud of what I do, and I am also proud of what I don't do. Until the day that I can shoot and produce top quality videos, I will continue to focus my passion and energy on photography. Please kindly refer to my list of work partners for quality vendors who are capable of providing quality videography services for your event.



How would you describe your style?

My strength is storytelling in the most subtle and artistic way. I quietly observe as your story unfolds, and capture everything from the smallest of details to the laughters in the air. I love film grains, but I shoot digital for its convenience, I then apply an artistic vintage film edit to the selected photos.

Do you shoot RAW or JPG?

I always shoot finest quality JPG.

Do you artistically-edit all photos taken during the event?

No. Only a selection of photos are handpicked by myself for artistic-editing. The number of photos selected for artistic-editing varies with packages.

Who selects the photos for artistic-editing?

Handpicking the photos for artistic post-editing is part of the artistic process. Clients' involvement commence once all post-editing is completed as soon as the photos are ready for review and comment.

When will the artisitically-edited photos be ready for review?

It takes 16 weeks for the post-editing process to complete before the photos are ready for 1st review.

Do I receive all the original digital files?

Yes, all original unselected snapshots taken during the shoot are provided in high resolution jpgs. Note that for standard photos, only the touched-up version is provided.



Who are your typical clients?

My typical clients simply love being themselves and not somebody else.

Do we need to sign a contract?

Yes, signing a contract is necessary.

What are the payment terms?

A 30% deposit is required to save-the-date, then the remaining 70% is settled on the shoot day.

What type of payment do you accept?

I currently accept bank transfer, cheque, and cash.

How does the whole project and timeline typically flow?

  1. Client Meeting
  2. Package confirmation
  3. Contract review and signature
  4. 30% deposit to save-the-date
  5. Rundown confirmation (1-2 weeks before the shoot)
  6. Shoot Day & Final Payment
  7. 1st Review (within 4 months)
  8. Comment & Confirmation
  9. Client Package Delivery via Post.
  10. Photobook Printing (optional, around 4 weeks)