cornwall and london engagement photos featured on bride and breakfast

being my first shoot in London and Cornwall as well as my first return to UK after finishing secondary school in London 18 years ago... this was no doubt the most memorial shoot of 2015!
thank you to Vivian and Johnny for flying me all the way to UK,
and special thanks to the beautiful Lady Molesworth-St Aubyn for lending us the breathtaking Pencarrow House and Garden!

props for engagement shoots

I always encourage my clients to prepare some simple props for their engagement shoots, not only does it help to steer their attention away from my camera, the props are also a fun element within the frames.

Props ideas range from something simple like books, flowers in a basket, a small bouquet, to something a little larger like a bike, a picnic set, or even your puppy! You can even have something customized for you by Simply Peachy, who handcrafts these chic and adorable props that melts your heart instantly, attached below the brochure for your easy reference...

Looking forward to having you in my next engagement shoot!